Development at Endlhausen Pharma is carried out in our own pilot plant or, of course, on request, also at your facility within the framework of the interim support and reinforcement of your team.

We offer numerous services within the framework of product development and formula optimisation for the following areas:


  • Galenic development, formula and process optimisation for various dosage forms
  • Development of sustained-release formulations
  • Processing of active substances which do not dissolve easily
  • Flavouring of solid and liquid dosage forms
  • Inhalanda
  • Selection of API´s
  • Accompanying stability analytics
  • Preparation of approval documentation

Food Supplements, Products to Supplement Balanced Diets, Medicinal Products and Cosmetics

  • Product design
  • Product development or optimisation of existing formulas for different dosage forms
  • Selection, procurement and processing of high-quality herbal raw materials
  • Flavouring of solid and liquid products

Chemical and Technical Products

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Production of compressed materials and powdered and liquid components for various industrial sectors according to customer-specific tasks
  • Additives for food industry such as:
    • thaumatin compounds
    • stevia compounds
    • shellac solutions
  • Tablets with calibration function
  • Transfer of liquid products into compressible forms